Cross stitch Magazine from France Creation Point de Croix, Special Issue: 15 Alphabets, 15 ABECEDAIRES

  • $18.50

 This is a thematic issue, with 15 Delicious bigger charts, meant for a thematic decor. This Mini-Book, also is called MOOK in France, is devoted to flower samplers. Many of the samplers are vintage-looking, so some of the collectors may have a gorgeous collection.

66 pages, color illustrations, full color easy to read cross stitch charts, charted for DMC embroidery floss. 

Some of the pieces, if not all, are not for the weak of heart  - they require a lot of work and dedication, as each piece will take time. I started one of the samplers from my own copy of the book, and it is moving slowly, but the result will hold your breath! Watch it on our blog page.

Please, look through the designs - there is a lot of choices, you'll find it hard to deside which design to start with! 

The magazine in in French, however, you do not need to know languages to read the schemes (grilles) and numbers of DMC embroidery floss. If you'dlike it, of course, you can use GOOGLE translate app and read the magazine with your phone's camera.

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