Fabric Bundle of 17 fat 1/4s from Reed's Legacy Collection by Jeanne Horton, From Windham Fabrics. Reproduction Series.

  • $59.50

This Fabric set includes 17 fat 1/4s (18" x 22" each) from the Reproduction series, Reed's Legacy Collection by Jeanne Horton for Windham Fabrics for a variety of projects. Reproduction c.1895.

These Fabrics are very suitable for traditional quilting projects in quality of the cottons as well as in traditional style designs and printing techniques. Civil War patterns will work very well in these fabrics. Also, some projects are already shown in Windham Fabrics' website, windhamfabrics.com/ Choose Reed's Legacy Collection, and see the lookbook on the collection's page.

Alternately, just google "Reed's Legacy Patterns" and choose the lookbook from the selection of websites that comes out.

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