Fabric Set from Tealicious collection for the Pattern "TeaCup Bag 2" by Hatched and Patched, Pattern Included.

  • $21.99

Fabric set is for the project "TeaCup Bag 2" by Hatched and Patched, Dusty Pink Bag in the front of the pattern photo.  See Photos.

The set includes:

- The pattern "TeaCup Bag 2" by Hatched and Patched, Australia

- 8" of Tealicious Dusty Pink Flowers Fabric for the body of the bag

- 8" of Tealicious Pink Words Fabric for the pocket

- 8" of Tealicious Tiny Teal Flakes fabric for Lining

All the fabrics are exactly like on the picture of the pattern for the Dusty Pink Tea Bag. more than enough to complete the piece.


I love Anni's whimsical country style designs with a variety of small embroideries. I do not always use the recommended embroidery threads. You also can make the embroided piece brighter, or in one color - use your creativity for that!

Happy Stitching!