Fabric, Fat 1/4s bundle, 20 pieces, from Maywood Studio, Woolies Flannel Collection, Neutral, FQ/MASWOF-NEU

  • $78.00

This Bundle contains 20 fat 1/4 s (18"x22") of neutral color range: whites, creams, beige, honey, browns, grays, charcoals and blacks. The patterns are polka dots, plaids, small and large, and herringbones. There are no solids without a pattern in this collection.

100% Cotton Prints from Maywood Studio, flannels. 

These flannels can be used for the same projects that are designed for wool. Due to flannel structure, and soft fluff of the surface, the look is similar to the look wool gives, hence, the name Woolies Flannels.

This collection is great for the backgrounds, and a beautiful blanket can be made with lighter neutrals applique on the dark background and vice a versa. It can be used for multiple projects due to the neutral colors.

The fabric is sold in one bundle, precut and prepackaged by Maywood studio - see pictures.