Fabric Set #4 from Lecien Fabrics, for the Pattern "Peaceful Garden" by Hatched and Patched Pattern Included.

  • $40.99

Fabric set is for the project "Peaceful Garden" by Hatched and Patched.  See Photos.

The set includes:

- The pattern "Peaceful Garden" by Hatched and Patched, Australia

- Lecien "Antique Rose" collection : three fat 1/4s : red, brown, and blue

- Lecien "Durham"collection: one fat 1/4 polka dot on buttercream for backing

 - Vintage Muslin for embroidery: one fat 1/4 .

 - A piece of green batik 9"x 13.5". This one is not from Lecien, however, is a nice addition to the previous colors. I used it in my piece. Please, refer to the photos.

 a few small cuts of 7 light colors Lecien fabrics for the light border, from "La Vie en Rose" collection. 

All the fabrics are more than enough to complete the piece and binding. 


I love Anni's whimsical country style designs with a variety of small embroideries. I do not always use the recommended embroidery threads, or fabrics. This is one of the examples of me using Lecien fabrics 

I used these fabrics to make a brighter, more bold, even though still vintage wall piece "The garden Girl", using the pattern. If you like my version, you can get exactly the same fabrics here.

Happy Stitching!