Tilda Hot Chocolate Sewing Book by Tone Finnanger R8543

  • $24.99

18 projects, 144 pages.

This book is bursting with projects!

The most lovable quilts such as Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow, Circles Quilt, Bird Pond Quilt, and Winter Quilt, are only some of the 18 projects presented. 

You can choose to make smaller projects, like colorful patchwork coasters, however, Tone Finnanger teaches you to pick colors that are stunning and refreshing. 

There are two big and beautiful quilted tote bags with applique to make. That's where you can learn how to use Tilda's woven ribbon to full advantage in addition to showcasing the pattern. 

Explanations and instructions are provided for every project, including pictures of the fabrics needed. even if you do not have an exact fabric needed, you can substitute it with a fabric of a similar color!

This book was made to showcase The Bird Pond Collection exclusively. Tilda Dots and Tilda solids are used in the featured projects. However, you can use your own fabrics with the patterns provided, use your creative side and create a new look!

Happy Stitching!