Tilda's Toy Box Book by Tone Finnanger, S6899

  • $24.99

More than 26 projects, 137 pages. Hard Cover.

This book is bursting with sewing and quilting projects!

This book is about children and fun, Children room's decor, quilts, dolls, animals, and a bit of wilderness.

From a stunning Quilted doll house and numerous dolls, to the no less stunning ship with a sale and bunting over the crib/bed and a huge patchwork pillow and a pirate doll - it's for boys and girls, moms and dads to have fun with their kids!

The projects include full size quilts, patchwork pillows, soft patchwork toys, coin purses, all the projects mentioned above, and, of course, hears! Plus, some cool ideas to decorate your child's room!

Clear and detailed explanations and instructions are provided for every project, including pictures of the fabrics needed, and patterns at the end of the book. Knowing Tilda's Collections, you can easily substitute one fabric for another, just matching the colors on the pictures provided. 

This book was made to showcase older collections, such as Cottage. However, the new Old Rose matches all the colors in the shown projects and will do just fine! Also, you can use your own fabrics with the patterns provided, use your creative side and create a new look!

Happy Stitching!