Linen Towel, with Light Pink Checks, Large, 30 count for Cross Stitch Projects from CREATION POINT DE CROIX magazine

  • $30.55

100% Natural linen 12 threads per cm (30 count per inch) with pink grid, for cross stitch embroidery.

Width is 22.2" x Height is 30.8" (H85 cm x W56cm). 

 Made in France.

PLEASE, NOTE: the chart is not included with the towel. Please, see all the available Creation Point De Croix Magazines to see the available towel charts, or stitch what picture you like on it!! It's a great decor for the kitchen!

 Natural linen color with a colored grid.

 These tea towels are provided with a small hanging strap.

Linen tea towels are more reserved for wiping glasses and silverware. It's true, but not only. They are great for…everything! Once you've tasted it, it's hard to go back to anything else.

Available chart for the picture is in CPC issue# 92