Knitted Hat Malabrigo Rasta Blue/purple /yellow

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This beautiful hat knitted from super chunky 100% Pure Merino wool yarn will provide you with warmth the whole winter!!

As the weather turns colder every day, this hat will be your best friend with fitting snugly on your head, covering ears and giving you a fashionable look with the Large pom-pom! The yarn is slightly variegated (read: not boring) and will require care with hand wash and dry flat  instruction.

However, believe me, washing is as easy as 1,2,3 with washing the hat in small quantity of mild detergent mixed with lukewarm water, rubbing it gently against your hands or itself for about 5 min, and rinsing in lukewarm/cold water, preferably running from the tap. The whole process should take not more than 10 min. Squeeze gently. Spread the hat on the towel on your pressing board. wait till it dries fully. NO PRESSING IS REQUIRED. However, if you want that extra polished look, you may iron the hat through the cheese cloth or any thin cotton fabric.

The size is adult or child. It fits snugly on a small, medium, or large head well.