Bohin Needles from France, Wool Embroidery Needles No7 15ct # 99991

  • $3.10

Pouch of 15 N°7 embroidery needles for wool - This design was created in partnership with the "Réunion des Musées Nationaux". Petrusse, the French House of reference in the creation of scarfs and silk scarfs, has teamed up with BOHIN France to offer you 3 needle pouches. They have been designed to embroider your most delicate fabrics and to personalize your stoles. The needle pouches, decorated with the flagship designs of the House of Petrusse, will enable you to embroider silk, wool or cotton. The BOHIN needles have an incomparable slide and an irreproachable point, perfect for your sewing work. This is the second one of the 3 pouch designs, the needles are for wool, 15 pieces.