Jane Austen At Home Boxed E-Reader Case Kit # KT-17453 by Riley Blake Designs

  • $29.30


Who does not love Jane Austen's books??

You'll hardly find the person. However, Jane Austen is associated with a period of time, when quilt making was a necessary skill and many of her characters ( and the author herself ), being women, were stitching on the pages of her books. 

Jane Austen herself was an accomplished seamstress and was making clothing, bonnets, and quilts with her own designs of patchwork as well. 

Riley Blake designs came with a wonderful collection of fabrics, called Jane Austen At Home, which feels like the fabrics came from the 18th century.

This kit is for a modern reader, it is designed as a case for a tablet, and has everything you need to complete the project: fabrics, lining, batting, a zipper, and a leather piece to hold the closure flap. A booklet with instructions to make the project, is included in the kit!

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This kit is suitable for all level of quilters, from beginners to experienced ones, who wish to finish projects quickly, hopefully, before this Christmas, and maybe, even not one, but several of the pieces to present to friends and family for the glorious Holiday!

Or, you can simply present this kit to a quilter you know, and make her or his day on Christmas!

Finished Project size is 48.5" x 69"