Quilting Fabric CIRCLE: BLACK from Curiosity Collection by Marcia Derse for Windham Fabrics, 51954D-1

  • $13.75

Windham Fabrics takes pride in producing a variety of original designs. This wonderful, traditional, high quality cotton is suitable for quilting as well as for a number of various sewing projects. 

This collection, Curiosity, allows for a little whimsical creativity. Black denim-like background with soft black solid  4.5" circles highlighted with running stitch print around each circle is a wonderful source for an interesting quilt, or organizer, or a wall piece, or all of those in one! You can use each circle as a showpiece for white/red/neon embroidery, or use it as a modern dress. Please, check the free patterns for this collection (including the dress) on WindhamFabrics.com website, collection Curiosity. 

Each circle is approximately 4.5"in diameter.

This fabric is sold in fat 1/4 cuts (18"x22").

100% premium cotton, machine washable in cold, tumble dry low.

Made in Pakistan.