Quilters' Ruler System (Book and Ruler) Mariner Compass 16-Point by Robin Ruth Designs.

  • $49.95

This ruler SYSTEM is from Robin Ruth designs and is famous for the precision of the pointed blocks such as Mariner's Compass. Sunflower, NY beauty, and other designs are possible with these rulers. This set includes the ruler and a book with instructions for All 16-point Fat Robin Compass Blocks.

Why is it call the System? Because, it is!! 

The package includes 

- 16-Point Mariner's Compass book and ruler (two separate rulers on one plank) for 60 degree angles,

- Paper Template Sheet  for all sizes circle centers and block finishing.

- The book with calculations for all size blocks from 6" to 36", full instructions on how to start, proceed, and finish with the Mariner's Compass block, including Compass sunflower, "Round" sunflower, Raw Edge Applique Sunflower, Octa compasses finishing, for those who do not like round finishing. Also included in the book are quilt patterns.

You can also download a free app. for video tutorials. Search for Robin Ruth Designs at the app store or Google Play on your mobile device.

The system uses strip piecing method. That means stitching two strips of fabrics together first, and using these special rulers to cut the pieces at a certain angle, creating the first part of the Mariner's Compass. Then, you keep on adding strips of fabric to the created blocks, and cutting them at the specified angle (the angle depends on what number of points you chose-16 or 32, and the size of your block, from 6" to 36", consult the book), expanding the Mariners Compass as you go, until you finish the 360 degrees full Mariner's Compass block with precision worth King's Ransom!    

 Try it! It's a challenging and at the same time, simple technique. Recommended for quilters with medium to advanced skill level.

 Morris Menagerie, Morris Medallion, For the Love of Juliet, and other patterns from Robin Ruth Designs, using Mariner's compass blocks and this ruler system  are available on our website. Also available, is the Standen Collection by Morris and Co., and other William Morris fabric collections, used in this patterns. Please, check out out fabric shop, Free Spirit Fabrics, Morris and Co. Collections.