Cork Fabric, Jungle Leaves, Touch PRO Portugal, 28" wide Item#TP201803-1

  • $20.00

Fashionable and ecological, the cork fabric can be used in production of a wide range of products (from handbags, purses, wallets, journal covers, clothes, to other accessories) that will allow you to obtain a unique product. Cork is backed by fabric, which makes it pliable and easy to stitch.

Touch PRO line - Jungle Leaves features tropical leaves print on natural color background, 28" (width of fabric). Similar handle to leather. Cork fabric is lightweight, waterproof, stain resistant and hypoallergenic. 

Easy to care for with just a damp cloth wipe out, cork is easy to stitch, and, is a no-fray material. set a denim needle with the length of the stitch 3.5-4 mm. You can use a walking foot, if you stitch two-three layers of fabric with cork. Cork is a versatile and very decorative medium, try it and you'll fall in love with it. 

ATTENTION!! This product is sold in 1/3 yd. and 2/3 yd. cuts. There is  one 1/3 yd. cut available, sized 12"x 28",  and one 2/3 yd  piece, which is 24"x 28" in size.