Inspirations - Embroidery Magazine from Australia, Issue#107

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Inspirations issue #107, year of publishing: 2020.

Published by Inspirations Studios, Australia. 

The quality of this magazine and the work exhibited on its pages are well known around the world. It is on par with the Royal School of Needlework. You'll never be sorry purchasing this magazine, as it will be your inspiration for a variety of needlework for years to come.

This magazine also include 3 interesting articles, such as Burning Rubber,A Journey in Stitch, Art from Everyday, which will expand your world to farther horizons of embroidery, more imaginative worlds

Dimentions: 9'x 11 3/4", 98 pages+ a liftout pattern sheet with full size templates.

8 projects, including

- Sweet Repose, Traditional Crewel embroidery project

- Caterina (Medici), made with punto madama embroidery, making a simple running stitch a treasure to create elegant table linens

- In My Garden - needlepainting embroidery

- Sea View - painting fabric for the landscape traditional embroidery, layers, various stitches

- Sunbeams, Lampshade, a delightful applique/embroidery project for a child's room featured on the third photo

 - Starlight! Another lampshade, wonderfully sweet designwith a bunny, and daisies, and mushrooms, and all the childhood things! Bothe Sunbeams and Starlight! projects are available from the Austraulian website,

- Poppy (It's actually, a flower bird), made in Crewel technique, however, with the background stitching in 8 dimentional stitches. Very Original piece!

- Stylish Succulents - Linen Bag with needlepainting embroidery, hand quilted

- Tranquil Thoughts Stumpwork embroidery: small heart, 3-D Pansies, 3-D bee! Just right and small enough as a beginner project for stumpwork embroidery.

All the techniques are presented in step-by step fashion with detailed descriptions of materials, how-tos, and all the steps, accompanied by close-up highest quality pictures. See examples on photos. Also, a liftout pattern sheet with full scale templates is included.

This magazine is a wonderful exercise in embroidery excellence! Have it and enjoy stitching!