Cross stitch Magazine from France Creation Point de Croix, Jan/Feb 2021, Issue 86

  • $13.99

This wonderful present for sross- stitches stitches is from France, and there is no denying the sense of style along with beauty of the presented projects in this magazine!

This issue is devoted to Winter and winter traditional time passes: skiing, skating, gathering fallen branches and dry grass. There is a 3-d kitty and an embroidered draft stopper with cats in polka dots!, another dimentional project of hat and mittens embroidered separately, and stitched to the linen bacjground with a 3-D effect!, an apron with embroidered French sweets, and a Marie-Therese Saint-Aubin's signature sketch design of orchids!

Please, look through the designs - there is a lot of choices,you'll find it hard to deside which design to start with! More than 20 design charts are presented in full color for DMC threads.

The magazine in in French, however, you do not need to know languages to read the schemes (grilles) and numbers of DMC embroidery floss. If you'dlike it, of course, you can use GOOGLE translate app and read the magazine with your phone's camera.

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