Tilda Friend Doll Giraffe, 481433

  • $42.00

Get a wonderfully loyal Friend for yourself - this cute Giraffe. With long limbs, as befitted Tilda style characters, this unusual model will display Tilda fabrics in all their glory!

The Tilda label says, "Hello, Friend! Can you make me some clothes?" 

And indeed you can. In every Tilda book there is at least one pattern for Tilda Friends clothing. Use her bright and soft fabrics to dress them up for all seasons!

The Giraffe Doll is 21" tall, hand washable in warm water, 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

He is very tightly stuffed and can sit straight on his own.

Fiber Content: Polyester and Cotton.  

This doll cannot fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope. Please, use appropriate First Class or Priority Mail Flat Rate box, or we'll ask to pay extra for shipping.