Wall Piece Catch of the Day Quilted

  • $45.00

Beautiful Indonesian Batik print depicts three women dancing happily around a huge fish, celebrating life, luck, and the fact they they'll have a good meal today. All  details are stylized in the unique native fashion. The more you look at the piece, the more amazed you are at the variety and intricacies of details and patterns, like the women's clothing, parts of the fruit, etc.

Batik print is 100% cotton marked "Washable".

 Batting and backing are 100% cotton as well. The Batiks are hand-printed and even though the instructions say colorfast, hand wash is advisable to avoid color running--dry flat. The piece measures 19" x 20.75" and has convenient tabs to insert a dowel [as shown in the picture] to hang it on the wall. Alternately, tabs can be folded to the back and the piece can be framed as per your liking.