What's New

Books, books, books!!! Two designers from Australia and one from France present to you their latest work: Lynette Anderson's Lynette's Best Loved Stitcheries, and Nautical quilts, Natalie Bird's Cottage-Style Charm, and Marie-Claude Picon's French Farmhouse.

All these books are different, and yet similar: you can do any project from them!! Peruse all the pictures we made to showcase the exquisite, yet simple projects!

Lecien's One Stitch at a Time is here! Designed by Lynnette Anderson, this 36 bolt collection is for your enjoyment and use! Vintagy colors reflect versatility of the fabrics, and ability to match with a great number of projects in traditional patchwork and quilting style! Lynnette populates her field of fabric with folk style animals: cats, dogs, birds, and sewing items: sewing machines, tape measures, pincushions, scissors, - all quirkily decorated with hearts,  cross an running stitches. Fine lines and the littlest details, conveyed by Lecien's traditional printing.